Visit to Ventura

Thanksgiving 2003
Beach House
Shopping and Playing

October 4-6, 2002

We visited Ron and Jan and the Rincon-Vitova Insectary. We stayed at the beach house, which was relaxing and provided us beautiful strolls and views. Seeing the dolphins breaching just offshore was exciting.

The beach and house:
Ventura Beach
Beach House Ron & Jill

A little friend stopped by: Lizard

We had lunch at Ron and Jan's house:
Inside House
The front window is like an art gallery:
Living Room

Here are some pictures of the tour of the Rincon-Vitova insectary:

Ron With melon Fly Cage
In order to grow parasites of flies, the insectary raises flies:Fly Eggs

Here is how they look after hatching:
Fly Larvae

Shopping in Ventura

We went to the flea market and met Jan's parents. Jan brought her washboard so she could play along with the bluegrass band that entertains at the market. She was a big hit!
Jan and band

Jan with washboard

Antique Shop
Ron showed us where all the antique shops and thrift stores are in Ventura. It was fun!

Great Grandchildren